Products and services

The products and services of FMP Services Ltd are based on various primary and secondary data från in natural resources management and socio-economic situations of study and national level country set-ups. The performed analyses have been conducted in various flexible manners as needed for tailored made services in accordance with the customers’ needs.


  • sustainable forest management in a wide variety of ecozones
  • landscape and watershed planning and management
  • bioeconomy and forest-based energy
  • various types of agroforestry solutions
  • forestry policies and programs
  • environmental valuation and life cycle assessment
  • climate financing and REDD+ issues
  • biophysical and socioeconomic surveys
  • training and capacity building
  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • project planning, formulation, appraisal, management, monitoring and evaluation
  • business plan development in natural resources-related fields